[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Queen Mimba is for sure one of Cameroon’s best Afropop singer. She has made it to a certain level without being signed under any label and 5 years from now she’ll probably be worldwide just by herself. She got noticed with her single “Cam we stay” where people called her Cameroon’s Nicki Minaj. She’s the hottest female celebrity in Cameroon and her videos are the most classic in the industry. Some people say she’s the lone Cameroon celebrity who lives a “Celebrity life ” in 237.

So Blanche has been doing a lot of body exposure just as one of her role modelsNicki Minaj. Role model because she has creamed, pumped some of her body parts to be sexy just as Nicki Minaj.

People started complaining that she’s exaggerating in the way she exposes her body. Some say we are in Africa and it’s against our culture. When asked by fans at times why she creams or exposes her body, Blanche will say it’s because it’s my money and it’s my body. From Blanche Bailly’s twitter posts one can clearly see that she’s so angry with all the complains.

When she had tiny “boobs”, people complained. Even though she called it body shaming, she arranged her “boobs” such that people will be pleased yet they still complained. From some of her tweets, one can clearly see she’s very angry whenever issues related to her body are concerned.

She even fires those judging her by saying they will go to hell as her

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